Winter Waterfowls of Bellmore, NY

A cold December morning with temperatures hovering around six degrees below freezing. Stacking up multiple layers of clothing to brave the cold, we set out to photograph the winter waterfowls of the southern shore of Long Island, at the beautiful hamlet of Bellmore. As the day progresses, there is no respite from the cold – [...]

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Review: Sigma 150-500mm HSM OS

Animals and birds are fairly sensitive species and quite susceptible to being alarmed by a human presence. Photographing wildlife would not only require the photographer to be cognizant of the behavior of such subjects, but would also entail a safe-enough distance that would cause no alarm to them. In technical terms, the latter translates to [...]

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Silhouetted Seagull

There are moments as these when taking a photograph is just a you-get-it-or-you-lose-it affair. Especially when the subject of your photo is a bird, and all the more when you try to silhouette the bird while it flew at an angle just beside the setting sun. I spent the Christmas holidays on the West coast. [...]

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Seagull in Flight

Although not as simple as it sounds, photography is all about being at the right time, at the right place and a steady hand. This photograph of a flying Seagull showed me how hard that could be.

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