As the Hudson River Froze…

It’s been decades since New York City has seen such a frigid, freezing, mind numbing blast of cold from the arctic.The bitterly cold waves that brushed through the nation froze the just fallen snow into a hard rock ice block, and left the streams, rivers and lakes frozen. The scene of birds sliding on the river [...]

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Sunset at Long Beach

Late summer is always the best time to hit the beaches. Sun high up favoring the sunbathers and tanners, water not yet cold for swimmers, sand not so hot for the romantic strollers and the elderly couples on their evening walks, wind bringing up high tides cleansing the shoreline rocks along way and chasing gulls. [...]

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Cloudy Reflections

A hot summer afternoon, helped partly by a cold coffee moisting the thirsty mouth. I sipped the coffee sitting in a park bench surrounded by rather dense bushes. The park was in the middle of a bustling traffic, cars honking for pedestrians walking despite the red signal and the driver yelling them to watch the [...]

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In a country where women's rights is a thing to be reserved by legislation rather than a fundamental one, the figure of the proverbial Bharathiya Naari stands out to this post-mod day as a shining beacon of Indian culture. So here's to the Bharathiya Naari - an epitome of Indian tradition, a deep red bindhi [...]

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Silhouetted Seagull

There are moments as these when taking a photograph is just a you-get-it-or-you-lose-it affair. Especially when the subject of your photo is a bird, and all the more when you try to silhouette the bird while it flew at an angle just beside the setting sun. I spent the Christmas holidays on the West coast. [...]

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Corpus Christi Night Lights

My first obsession with the small quaint city of Corpus Christi was when I watched the Jennifer Lopez starrer – Selena, the biographical movie about the life and career of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Selena was a Tejano, Grammy Award winning young music sensation whose promising career came to an abrupt end when she was murdered by [...]

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Indian Idol – Live in Concert

Hyderabad played host to local boy and the Indian Idol 5 winner Sreerama Chandra Mynampati (more popularly known as Sreeram Chandra), runner up Bhumi Trivedi and finalist Swaroop Khan in a live concert - first time in Hyderabad after Sreeram was named the Indian Idol 5 on August 15 this year. Indian Idol is an [...]

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