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Launching soon. Watch for more about "Designed by a Kid" over the next few weeks.

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Easing Your Toddler’s Transition from Home to Pre-K School

The task of sending your three or four year olds to school for the first time ever is never easy – especially if the children have never spent time away from parents. Your children spending several hours in school not only means they would be away from you that long, but also that they are [...]

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Building and Sustaining Trust in Children

In our daily communication with our little ones, there’s a very subtle line between not telling the truth and telling a lie. While there are circumstances when it may not be appropriate to tell the as-is truth about something the children see in front of their little eyes, we need to work hard to earn [...]

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Using Storytelling as a Way of Reinforcing Good Behavior in Toddlers

Who wouldn’t like listening to good stories? Well, the truth is, “good” is not good enough for kids to listen to your stories. Kids expect variety. They expect action and fun. But aside from action and fun, stories are also a good way to subtly reinforce good behavioral traits. Narrating a story to a toddler [...]

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How to Entertain Toddlers Without Too Much Screen Time

As we breathe in and out in this Tech era, young children get into the rhythm of using gadgets since the time they sit up and crawl. Many children eat only while watching their favorite nursery rhymes or cartoon shows. Limiting the time kids spend on screen may not be an easy task. But there [...]

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Simple Yet Effective Tips to Photograph Toddlers and Kids

A photography session with a toddler is always a challenge – when you want them to pose, they are busy turning their back and digging into their snacks, when you want them to look at the camera they look at the ceiling, when you say “Cheese”, they say “Moo”. But asking a child to pose [...]

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