As the Hudson River Froze…

It’s been decades since New York City has seen such a frigid, freezing, mind numbing blast of cold from the arctic.The bitterly cold waves that brushed through the nation froze the just fallen snow into a hard rock ice block, and left the streams, rivers and lakes frozen. The scene of birds sliding on the river [...]

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A Tryst with Super Storm Sandy

In a world where natural and man made disasters are part of a routine, humans and other living creatures continue to succumb to its breathtaking intensity and magnitude. Living in a world of no natural disasters is not something humans could ever imagine. It's a part of living and the only thing we could ever [...]

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Sunset at Long Beach

Late summer is always the best time to hit the beaches. Sun high up favoring the sunbathers and tanners, water not yet cold for swimmers, sand not so hot for the romantic strollers and the elderly couples on their evening walks, wind bringing up high tides cleansing the shoreline rocks along way and chasing gulls. [...]

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