Simple Yet Effective Tips to Photograph Toddlers and Kids

A photography session with a toddler is always a challenge – when you want them to pose, they are busy turning their back and digging into their snacks, when you want them to look at [...]

Product Launch: Vidhya Ventures Happy Holidays 2016 Calendar – Birds of New York Edition

"Vidhya Ventures Happy Holidays 2016 Calendar - Birds of New York Edition" is the first wall calendar product by Vidhya Narayanan. The calendar is a full color 13 page (including cover) feature with select high [...]

Product Launch: Modern Minimalistic Typography Art iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Case

The Artwork on this iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Case is based on the Logo of this web site. The art is a fusion of the European Blackletter and the South Asian Devanagari scripts [...]

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As the Hudson River Froze…

It’s been decades since New York City has seen such a frigid, freezing, mind numbing blast of cold from the arctic.The bitterly cold waves that brushed through the nation froze the just fallen snow into [...]

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A Tryst with Super Storm Sandy

In a world where natural and man made disasters are part of a routine, humans and other living creatures continue to succumb to its breathtaking intensity and magnitude. Living in a world of no natural [...]

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Sunset at Long Beach

Late summer is always the best time to hit the beaches. Sun high up favoring the sunbathers and tanners, water not yet cold for swimmers, sand not so hot for the romantic strollers and the [...]

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