Vidhya Narayanan is an author and an award winning Nature and Travel Photographer.

She believes that deep beneath the stillness of a captured image, photographs convey a subtle story – a story of existence weaved into a fragment of history, that enunciates moments etched into a time and space making you sit back, wonder and introspect on the beauty and symmetry of the subjects being photographed. She typically tries to leverage the direction, tone and intensity of natural light of the particular time of the day to make her photographs convey distinct stories or render an inimitable perspective to the viewer.

A photograph of the same subject, when taken at different times, under different natural lighting conditions, may evoke altogether different emotions. This is distinctly visible in several of her photographs where an otherwise mundane subject would suddenly spring into a rather lively moment.

She published a collection of her select photographs as a book “Shutters Up: A Collection of Travel and Bird Photographs” and is currently working on a couple of new books which she hopes to publish by Spring 2016.

Aside from being a photographer, Vidhya writes Haiku poetry. Her new soon-to-be-launched venture Haiku For Ever Mood is a creative combination of the two.

She’s an associate member of the National Audubon Society, New York City Audubon, Bird Watchers Society of Andhra Pradesh, the National Geographic Society and the International Center of Photography.


Vidhya’s photography portfolio ranges from Wildlife specializing in Birds to People and Events. Visit Vidhya Narayanan Photography to view her complete portfolio and license the photographs.

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Travel and Culture

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People and Events


Vidhya’s photographs of the Empire State Building titled “Soaring High” and the photograph of Lake Kanawauke titled “Symmetry in Nature” won Special Recognition awards in the Cityscape and Landscape category in the Light Space & Time Global Art Competition 2015.


Sam ShivRaj in conversation with Vidhya Narayanan. Originally aired as a Live show on Queens Public Television (QPTV) in January 2013.