Vidhya Narayanan’s @Quora answer to What is the best lighting for digital photography?

Lighting – be it Natural or Artificial – depends solely on the purpose of the photograph and it has a significant impact in the end result. I’m assuming you are asking about available Natural light.

There is no such thing as “best lighting” when it comes to Photography. Light keeps changing and thats what adds more drama to the photograph.

Dawn and dusk, usually called the golden hour, bring out beautiful hues in the sky and works great for landscape photography.

Cloudy overcast days with low light conditions give away soft light with no harsh shadows.

Overcast sky can be very good for black and white photography as well.

Rain and snow days are dull and are good for candid shots and people photography.

The light does’t change very often which gives the photographer the flexibility to compose without relying much on the light meter. Any light is always good and if its used creatively, it brings out the life in the photograph.