Vidhya Narayanan’s @Quora answer to What are some tips for digital photography editing?

Most images should need very little processing, nothing beyond enhancing details and sharpening. When I edit, I use the basic adjustments in Lightroom and Photoshop only if absolutely necessary.

Take a test shot with your preferred settings and for a minute think about all the adjustments you probably would want to do for that particular image in post processing and try to get that by adjusting the basic settings like aperture, shutter speed and ISO and metering modes. Unless the scene is action packed and you are constantly firing the shutter, you may have the time to think and make changes to the settings so it would require less time during processing.
The process of making a photograph starts even before you get ready for the shot. The more images you make and the more you work on them to make the image as compelling as it is in your mind, you will eventually spend less time processing and more time making them organically right in the first place. All these tiny details and best use of the tweaking light here and there, comes from a split second decision and it will come naturally as the photographer in you grows more and more.

And once the photograph you had envisioned pops in the viewfinder, it hardly requires a major editing.