Vidhya Narayanan’s @Quora answer to What are some of the best long-exposure photos you have taken?

Sunset at Long Beach (18mm, ƒ/10, 30s, ISO 100, ND10): Late summer is always the best time to hit the beaches. Sun high up favoring the sunbathers and tanners, water not yet cold for swimmers, sand not so hot for the romantic strollers and the elderly couples on their evening walks, wind bringing up high tides cleansing the shoreline rocks along way and chasing gulls. It was a picture perfect sunny warm day with everything to spell out a “Perfect beach day” of summer. And it is also that period of the year just before the leaves begin turning crisp and golden with the embracing chill in the air.

So it was the last chance to enjoy the sun and the outdoors before the cold snuggles in. While the sun started to wrap up for the way, the crowd started to leave and the beach umbrellas came off. It was then that I had settled in with the tripod and lens fitted with an ND filter to capture the magic of the sunset and the brilliant hues it brings with it.
How many sunsets one watches in a lifetime, each one different in its own way and sometimes breathtaking. The proverbial golden hour is well known to bring lots of surprises.

One can never get enough of nature’s beauty, let alone nature photographers. While framing the shot of the golden scene embossed with orange and pink hues, the waves dancing with the wind, rocks and water playing splash, romantic strollers along the shores soaking their feet, it brought a rather surreal feel.

Every amazing moment doesn’t last very long. But a photograph capturing the moment does stay in the mind forever.