A photography session with a toddler is always a challenge – when you want them to pose, they are busy turning their back and digging into their snacks, when you want them to look at the camera they look at the ceiling, when you say “Cheese”, they say “Moo”. But asking a child to pose for a photograph is never the best way to photograph them. Kids are spontaneous and trying to orchestrate their action to get a picture, is not something worth preserving. Here are some simple yet effective tips to photograph toddlers and kids.

Keep it simple
Let the toys roll all over. Don’t spend time decluttering the kids’ room to get neat photographs. A clutter-free background offers little to no perspective in showing the kids environment. Throw the cluttered background filled with toys out of focus and focus on the child’s face.

Get down
Taking pictures at your eye level sometimes ends up in a not-so-pleasing angle. Get down to their eye level and frame the picture giving space all around them and not framing it too tight.

Bring out the shyness
Instead of saying “Say Cheese” and trying to make them pose, say something that brings out the shyness in them. In this way they would either blush or giggle which gives away beautiful candid shots.

Focus on the activity
Kids spend most of their time doing something or the other. This gives plenty of opportunities to photograph their hobbies and activities. As they grow older, they become aware about the camera and might not even prefer being photographed. At the toddler age, other than the risk of them grabbing the camera, unintentional poses work great.

Make use of window lighting
If the child happens to play next to the window, the soft light entering through the curtain can make way for subtle but powerful images.

Hands and feet
Photograph their messy hands after working on an art project and their feet after playing in the sand or outdoors.

Kids are well known for making a mess out of everything. Messy face and hands after eating and playdoh sessions offer good opportunities to photograph the beauty of the mess.

Pretend play
When they play pretend with their favorite toy or plush animals, they give away extraordinary expressions which shows their developing character as well. Take pictures of them pretending to be a superhero or a ballerina and results are sure to be spellbinding.